Hayat Alyaqout

Kuwaiti Writer

Born on February 25th, 1981.

Personal Website: http://www.hayatt.net

E-mail: http://www.nashiri.net/images/stories/emails/hayat.png


• Master’s degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS), College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University, September 2002- June 2004. GPA 3.97.
Field of research interest: knowledge management.

• B.A. in Political Science (major) and English Language and Literature (minor), College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University. (September 1998 -June 2002). GPA 3.98, MGPA 4.00

• High School, arts section, Al-Tafawuq Private School (1994-1998).
Achieved the first rank over private schools and the second rank over the state of Kuwait in high school examinations, arts section.



- Member of the Board of Kuwaiti Writers' Association and head of Public Relations and Communication Committee (April 2015 – Current).

- Head of "Muntaqa Alawj" for Art and Intellect, July 17th-18th, 2006.

- Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I-MAG Non-profit Magazine (February 2005 – until it was discontinued in Summer 2008), (wwwi-mag.org)

- Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Nashiri Non-profit E-Publishing House (July 2003 – Current), (www.nashiri.net)

- 1. Authored Books & Publications:

- Afar (Novel), 2016.
- Ghabat Alteen (Short Stories), 2015, That Alsalasil Publications.
- "Tilka Alsagheerah" (That Little One), short story, March 2011, Rekaaz Campaign Publications.
- "Almalikah" (The Queen), short story, March 2011, Rekaaz Campaign Publications.
- "Kallulu" (Like Pearls), A Novel, 2012. ISBN: 978-999-66-107-91
- "Misk" (Musk), short story, March 2011, Rekaaz Campaign Publications.
- "Alhuroof Takhruj Min Albayt" (Letters Get Out of the House), a story book for children. Wahj Alhayat Publishsing, Riyadh, 2012.
- Kalamasataan. A series of 4 short stories for children:
Taa Marbootah; Noon, Noon, Tanween; Musabaqat Alharakat; Alhuroof tamuddo Aydiyaha.
Wahj Alhayat Publishsing, Riyadh, October 2011.
- "Alice Fi Bilaad Alwaqwaq! Riwayah Laysat Lissighaar" (Alice in Winderland! A novel not for children). January, 2011. ISBN: 978-99966-42-84-5.
Reprinted in September 2014 By Nova Plus Publishing House.
- "Khayaal Alwaqt" (The Imagination of Time), short story, March 2009, Rekaaz Campaign Publications. 110.000 copies of the story were distributed with Alwatan newspaper on March 16th, 2009.
- "Man Tha Allathi Qaddada Albayaan" (Who Tore The Eloquence? Photographed Linguistic Mistakes and Sins), a book in Arabic, July 2006. ISBN: 99906-87-62-5. Available online at: www.nashiri.net/bayaan

- 2. Book Contributions:
- Wrote a short story as a part of "16 Kuwaiti Story Boulevard" book which included 16 stories by Kuwaiti story writers in Kuwait. NovaPlus Publishing,
- Contributor to " Global Library and Information Science: A Textbook for Students and Educators". 2009. Published by IFLA and K. G. Saur. ISBN: 978-3-598-22042-5.
- Contributor to "Know Thy Prophet" book, edited by Ibrahim Babelli, Published by Aljumuah Magazine for Editing and Publishing, Riyadh, 2006. ISBN: 9960-9406-3-8.

- 3. Ebooks:
- "Samir Thamir" A story for children, and an animated film. December 12th, 2012. Nashiri E-publishing House.
- "Hikayat Alhamzah" (E-booklet), September, 2010, Nashiri E-publishing House.
- "Sab'un Husooman" (Short Stories), July 2010, Nashiri E-publishing House.
- Fawqa Assirb [ebook]. Nashiri E-publishing House, 2003.

- Proofread the introduction of the Simplified Encyclopaedia of the Social Life Verbalisms in Kuwaiti Environment. Written by Khaled A. Alrushaid, First Edition, ISBN: 978-99966-0-554-3
- Proofreader of " An Introduction to Morphology". Written by Dr. Ahmad Saher, and Dr. Abdulghani Albazzaz. 2006. Kuwait. ISBN: 99906-78-73-0

- Provided technical assistance for the book "An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology". Written by Dr. Ahmad Saher, and Dr. Ahmad Dashti. 2007. Kuwait Society for Special Studies and Researchh.  ISBN: 99906-92-08-4

- Freelance writer and translator, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nashiri E-publishing House (www.nashiri.net) the first free non-profit electronic library and e-publishing house in the Arab world.

- A member on the editorial board of Aljami’yah magazine. November 2007 – January 2014. .

- Member on the board of "Alma'loomatiyah Alijtimaa'iyah Magazine" (Social Informatics Magazine) published by the College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University, and design artist. May 2008-May 2014.

- Writer in Al-Itihad Magazine issued by the National Union of Kuwait Students. September 2001 – June 2008.
- Wrote a column in Aliqtisadiyah Daily Newspaper (Saudi Arabia), Knowledge Economy Page, February-April 2005.
- Also wrote in:
 Newspapers and Magazines: Alqabas Kuwaiti Daily Newspaper, Alasharq Alawsat Newpaper (Daily Pan Arab, London), Al-Siyasah Kuwaiti Daily, Kuwait Times (English daily), Alyaqaza (weekly), Dalal Magazine (monthly), Al-Hadath Newspaper (Kuwait), Afaq Campus Newspaper (Kuwait University), Alwa'y Alislaami monthly magazine (Kuwait), Albayaan Monthly Magazine (Kuwaiti Writers' Association).
- Founder and editor-in-chief of I-MAG, a free online non-profit quarterly P.D.F magazine. (www.i-mag.org) 

- "The Views of Arab Readers on E-books: The Case of Nashiri E-publishing House". Research paper presented to The Third International Conference on Topics of Social and Human Sciences and The First Academic Association Conference of the London Centre for Research and Consultancy, February 10-12, 2014, Kuwait, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.  
- Statistical Analysis of LIS Resources in Two Higher Education Institutions of Kuwait. Research Paper presented to the Information Education in the Arabian Gulf Region: Status and Prospects Symposium, Kuwait, March 14th, 2007. In Addition to presenting a poster of the paper in the poster exhibit during the same event.

- My story "Asfar Dinar" was recognised as the best story to be printed in the Second Kuwait Award for Writing Children's Stories in the Fields of Endowment and Charitable Work, December 2015. 

- My CV was listed in a book titled: "The Directory of Kuwaiti Writers' Association Members Biographies", Edited by: Talal Alrumaidhi and Abrar Malik, Supervised by Dr. Laila Ahmad Saleh, 2015, That Alsalasil.
- Was awarded the first prize in the category of short stories in "Nubga" Competition organized by the State Ministry of Youth Afairsm for my short story "Alkubait", March 2014.
- An article about my novel "Kallulu" appeared in a "Hunaak 'Gayth Alrraf Al'ali" (There, Where the High Shelf is) boo by Hamad Alhamad, PP29-33, Afaaq Publishing, 2014.
- My CV was listed in the Directory of Literature Writers in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, published by the general secretariat of the GCC, Second Edition, 2013, ISBN: 9786039050100
- Listed in "Who's Who in Kuwait 2009" amongst top 200 persons in Kuwait who have creative contributions.
- Received College of Social Sciences Dean's Award for Excellence in E-learning. July 2008.
- Honoured by His Highness The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahamd Al-Sabah for winning the Sheikh Salem Alali Alsabah's Award 2008 for the best website in the area of literature and art. April 8th, 2009.
- Ghiras Electro 2 Special Honour Award for www.nashiri.net , June 21st, 2005.
-  Was awarded His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Internet Contest Award 20005 for www.nashiri.net , November 11th, 2005.
- The prize of “The Ideal Woman”. The Coalitional student List. Kuwait March 23rd 2004.
- Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Internet Contest Award , November 2002.
- The best member of the Political Science Group PSG for the year 1999.

- Member of the jury of "Alibn Albaar Short Story Contest", organised by Mabarrat Ibrahim Tahir Albaghli, November 2015.
- Member of the jury of "My Orphan Brother Contest 7", choosing the best 3 letters written by school students to an orphan, organised by Mabarrat Khair AlKuwait, April 2015.
- Member of the jury of Hadeel International Award of New Media, Second Session, January 2011.

- The Linguistic Consultant of "Rekaaz Campaign" Publications, March 2013-Match 2014.
- Worked with Ghiras Anti-drug Campaign in writing slogans for some of their activities, May 2011-May 2012.