Political Articles

Intellectual property advocates can have a lucrative case in anti-gas-guzzlers campaign. “City Street” launched a campaign last August suggesting that every gallon of oil an American citizen consumes supports terrorism. The campaign had such calculations as “Fake I.D.: 1,500 gallons,” “Box cutters: 1 gallon,” and “Explosives: 600 gallons” and concluded “Where do terrorists get their money?” Surprisingly enough, the same sort of strategy had been used in the boycott campaign in the Arab world against American products, claiming that “a can of coke = A bullet”, a resurrection to the idea of boycott concentrating on SUV (Sport Utility vehicles), is a Detroit Project, which is lead by some Hollywood stars.

The show of “kill them and blame them” acted by “the chosen people of God” on the stage their “promised land “- and sometimes outside it- , directed by the passiveness of the international community ,is an absurd one . It’s a “comedy of errors”, a farce , albeit , it made no one laugh !