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We all know how powerful a word of mouth is. If it comes from someone you trust, then it has a bid deal of credibility. In a time where we are bombarded with commercials, infomercials, popup ads, spam, and nagging text messages, the valence of a word of mouth is even greater. Are we heading to an era where the individuals will replace institutionalized efforts? Where a friend's recommendation is more convincing than an expert's advice, or a critic's point of view? What we are sure of is that people knowledge sharing is valuable, not only because it conveys the intrinsic non-documented opinions, but because it –although not impeccable- sounds to be immune to commercial or ideological interests.


توضيح عاجل:

نُشرت مقالة باسمي في العدد الأخير من "نشرة جمعية المكتبات المتخصصة" نتجة خطأ تحريري، والمقالة ليست لي بل لزميلة أخرى. كنت قد أرسلت مقالة مختلفة. هذا للتوضيح والتنويه ولإبراء الذمة من أية مسؤولية قانونية أو أدبية تنشأ عن ذلك.


Urgent Clarification:

An article was published on the latest issue of "SLA Newsletter" under my name. I did not write this article, I sent them a different one article. Using my name for his articles has been a mistake of the magazine. I thus disclaim any moral or legal responsibility for what happened.

Thanks to Youtube and Google Video, I have been able to bask in the sun of a wonderful comedy.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, which is now in its second season, will for sure hit your funny bone, but it will also hit a raw nerve; Muslims in North America after September 11th.

Oedipud Rex, a uniquely themed play, and pregnant with multiple surface and underlying latent themes as it was written in a period of spreading skepticism in mythologies, heroes, and gods as a progeny of the Athenian spirit emphasizing human assertion, which was epitomize with the words of Protagoras “Man is the measure of all things”.

One resented thing in the Arab mentality is The in-built and deep concept of women’s unproductivity. The idea that women can’t live without male guardianship in every aspect of their life is really appalling. The wide- spread (male chauvinism) is forming an image that women are inferior which is hopelessly false and unfair.